Smart asset management

Every company has to deal with asset management to some extent. As your organisation grows, it becomes essential to use good tools to document and manage all assets.

Depending on the type of company, you deal with different kinds of assets. Office spaces, hardware tools, vehicles, documents, heavy machinery or even people are just some examples. However, when you have a look around, you’ll realise that every single thing you see could be treated as an asset.

Depending on the type of asset, different properties are important. For a document this would be; the author, in what folder it is stored, and in what cabinet that folder is stored. For an office space; the surface area, the number of workplaces, the temperature, and the CO₂ concentration are important. For a vehicle, perhaps; the location, the speed and the fuel level.


Some of these properties will be static. However, others will regularly change and must be updated constantly. The past decade has seen an explosion in the possibilities in terms of sensors and techniques to perform automated smart asset management. Not long ago a fleet manager would be busy logging where each vehicle was located. However, nowadays this can be automated by adding GPS trackers to each vehicle.

It has become easy to measure whether parking spots or workplaces are occupied, whether containers have been filled, and whether the air quality in the office is within acceptable margins. There are tons of other properties of assets that can automatically be measured and updated, even your own heartbeat.


The market is rife with asset management system and there’s a bounty of IoT-platforms that can receive and display sensor data. However, Intar’s newly developed conneqt platform seamlessly integrates asset management with incoming sensor data. Every property of an asset can easily be connected to a sensor. Manually updating and managing your assets is transformed into asset monitoring. Now you can have a real-time view of all your assets.

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