An RN2483 based LoRaWAN board

This TvB LoRaWAN board uses the RN2483 LoRaWAN modem.This RN2483 based LoRaWAN board was designed and built by eTh0maz Electronics. It has performed beyond our expectations. He sent it to us on the third of February – running on three AAA batteries. We could track its course through the country – using the KPN LoRa network – before it arrived here. It’s kept steadily sending messages and we do not expect it to stop any time soon.


The RN2483 LoRaWAN modem is the main reason this board is not smaller. It is not pictured because it fills the entire back of this board. Another reason is that this is a development board and therefore requires all of the chip’s pins to be accessible in a size that humans can work with. If a board like this were to be optimised for mass production, it could be slightly reduced in size. This illustrates why we were so excited about this tiny chip. It contains almost everything this board offers, but in a much smaller package. The main advantage of this board is that the ATmega microcontroller is Arduino compatible, the Murata chip is much more complex to program.

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