Prototype LoRaX estimated to send 27,500 LoRa messages

A picture of the prototype LoRaX.We’ve been busy the last month, hence the long silence on this blog. Still, we did make a lot of progress on several fronts. I was mostly occupied with this prototype LoRaX board. I’ve programmed the Murata chip on it to send periodic Lora messages and enter a deep sleep mode in between messages.


Currently we’re testing how well it performs with regard to battery usage. Currently it seems to be able to send approximately 27,500 messages on two AA batteries. This converts to about 90 days when sending 300 messages a day (the current maximum for the KPN LoRa platform). In the future we hope to improve the battery usage. This would enable us to decrease the device’s battery size, or send far more messages with a similar sized battery.

The last few weeks we’ve taken it on trips around the country to test the KPN LoRa network coverage. We paid special attention to the accuracy of the device location as reported by KPN. This requires that the message is picked up by a sufficiently high number of KPN LoRa antennae that are outfitted with GPS. The current accuracy is about 150 metres, and the location isn’t resolved everywhere yet, but we hope this will improve as KPN outfits more LoRa antennae with GPS capabilities.

Read more about how the LoRa network determines your location and how it is different from GPS in this part of one of our previous blog articles.

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